Our heritage

As part of the famous Dunlop brand, scientist E A Murphy used his wife’s cake mixer to try and produce foam using the natural liquid latex. The Dunlopillo latex foam was patented in 1929 and began to be used in padded seats on trains and trolley buses.

Production begins

In 1931, manufacturing began for the first Dunlopillo latex mattress. It was popular because of its natural ability to stay fresh and it maintained its shape without the need to plump or flip it.

Australia loves latex

In the 1950s, Dunlopillo introduced its latex mattress and established the brand as the world’s leader. Also in the 50s Dunlopillo bought its best latex mattress range to Australia and the nation fell in love with it.

Dunlopillo today

Today, Dunlopillo is one of Australia’s favourite sleep brands. We’re constantly innovating to bring new technologies, natural fibres & materials into our mattresses so you know you’re sleeping on the best.

The sustainable sleep

When you sleep on Dunlopillo, you sleep on the softness of a natural latex mattress that’s come from the sap of rubber trees grown in sustainable plantations around the world.


We’ve sourced soft and breathable organic cotton fibre to form part of Dunlopillo’s quilting & smooth top covers. Cotton was chosen to compliment our natural mattress range because of its moisture wicking abilities.


Ecofriendly Tencel fibres complete our natural Dunlopillo mattresses. Tencel is derived from wood pulp and is 50% better than cotton at wicking away moisture so it makes for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your new Dunlopillo mattress is covered by a 10-year warranty. We recommend you register your new mattress after purchase to help with the warranty process should you ever need it.

Yes, an adjustable mattress was key to us creating the Dunlopillo Conform range. All our Dunlopillo adjustable mattresses are specially designed to pair with our Dunlopillo adjustable bed bases.

Dunlopillo is available exclusively through Domayne. Find out what special deals are available on beds for sale in this latex mattress range. Find a store here.

The Dunlopillo Conform, Regenerate mattress ranges are available in the following mattress sizes: Single 91cmWX188cmL, Long Single 92camWX203cmL, King Single 107cmWx203cmL, Double 137cmWx188cmL, Queen 153cmWx203cmL, King 183cmWx203cmL, Super King 203cmWx203cmL

The fundamental differences is what they’re made from. A memory foam mattress is manufactured using chemicals that increase its viscosity and density. Our latex is sourced 100% from the sap tapped from rubber trees. Then it’s made into a latex mattress with no further additives using the 70 year old tried and tested Dunlop process.

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