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What goes into the Conform mattress covers?

Fabrics in this range include: Polyester, cotton and Tencel.

What mattress sizes does Conform come in?

The Conform mattress sizes comes in: Single 91cmWX188cmL, Long Single 92camWX203cmL, King Single 107cmWx203cmL, Double 137cmWx188cmL, Queen 153cmWx203cmL, King 183cmWx203cmL, Super King 203cmWx203cmL

Why should I buy an adjustable mattress?

If you buy an adjustable bed, it can help with a range of therapeutic benefits. Alterating your sleep profile can help with everything from back pain to improving circulation and joint pain. Plus with an adjustable base, you can move your mattress to a more desirable position and this may help if you are trying…
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What is the right mattress size for me?

Australia’s most common is a queen size bed, but just because you’ve always slept on one, doesn’t necessarily mean that should be your next purchase. There are plenty of reasons why you should upsize your queen size mattress including, more room for you and your partner. This will also help to minimise partner disturbance. Plus,…
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Where can I buy the Conform mattress?

Dunlopillo Conform is available exclusively through Domayne. Find out what special deals are available on beds for sale in this adjustable mattress range.

What fabrics are in this adjustable mattress range?

Fabrics in this range include: Polyester, cotton and Tencel.